How I Met Your Mother Recap: Separation Anxiety

It’s probably fair to say that those of you who love HIMYM do so because, even at its worst, it accurately captures the experience of being in your twenties and thirties. In the end, that’s what it’s all about. Whether it’s friends getting married or fathers passing away, the story lines reflect and occasionally dovetail with our actual lives in a very real way. And so, too, does Marshall and Lily’s move. Leaving friends (and family) is the most devastating part of that decision and though everyone will joke about choosing a city and populating it with their entire social group so that nobody ever has to say good-bye, it never quite pans out.

So we’re inclined to forgive last night’s harebrained excursions and boring B-plot on the grounds that the writers’ hearts were in the right place. Even though Marshall and Lily’s new house is only 46 minutes away by train, a genuine sadness crept over us at the sight of the vacated booth — and no, Ted, it was not at all like when they canceled Party of Five for a second time. In their absence, Barney declares himself the new leader of the gang and cues new opening credits that replace pictures of Marshall and Lily with images of Barney mugging and making out with women. The switcheroo comes a little too soon on the heels of last season’s sublime fake-band gimmick and isn’t nearly as creative, but a surprise nonetheless. Read More...


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