'Bachelor' episode 3: Just say, 'Snow'

Ben takes a group date snow skiing down the streets of San Francisco. This week we are in Ben's hometown of San Francisco. After many declarations of, "This is where I could live one day!," and clinking of champagne glasses in limos crossing the Bay Bridge, we meet Ben's sister, Julia, again. You may remember Julia from last season's family visits. She is the one who nominated Ben to be on "The Bachelorette." They are very (some say creepy amounts of) close, and she will be helping Ben whittle down his flock.First one-on-one date is with PhD student Emily. Model Courtney predicts that this will be a boring date because "smart girls can be a little boring." No, really, she said that.For their date, they are climbing to the top of the Bay Bridge. So, this is the overcoming fears/ if-we-can-do-this, we-can-do-anything-in-a-relationship date. Emily has major height fears. What does this mean in the relationship metaphor? Fear of commitment? Something worse?In the meantime, Jennifer just happens to be looking through the telescope that just happens to be in the hotel and she just happened to have learned about Emily's fear of heights in the 4 days they have known each other. Gee whiz, what are the odds?To soothe Emily's fears on the bridge, Ben does "the only thing he can think of to help." He kisses her. And they go on to make it to the top.  Read More...



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