Interview: 'Merlin' star Colin Morgan, Arthurian legend nerd

The Season 3 DVD of "Merlin" is in stores today. To celebrate, we broke out the good mead and our fanciest velvet doublet…just kidding. We actually had a chitchat with the BBC/_television/genres/syfy fantasy series’ extremely well-read star, Colin Morgan (the titular Merlin). He put his vacation on pause to talk Arthurian legend, "Merlin" fans and the two shirts that make up the wizard’s daily wardrobe. Merlin, modeling his go-to red shirt/blue scarf combo The Post: Is there a difference between a red shirt day and a blue shirt day for Merlin? Colin Morgan: [Laughs] You know what, I don’t think there is. But I applaud you for noticing the difference because even people on set sometimes don’t notice the difference when I change shirts. I think it’s literally dictated by the whim of the costume department, so maybe they have a reason. I’m going to ask them when we start the fifth season, I’d love to know. Maybe I’ll get darker shirts for the fifth season, [since the series] just gets darker and darker. The Post: After four seasons, are you an Arthurian legend expert yet or what? Morgan: I’ve certainly educated myself a lot more. When I initially read the scripts, I didn’t know a lot about the Arthurian legends or about the details or the in depth stories, but since doing the shows I’ve read a lot of the traditional stories – "Idylls of the King" by Tennyson, "Le Morte d’Arthur" by Malory, even "The Once and Future King" [by TH White]. I read a lot of independent researches into Merlin as a [real] man or a myth, too. Read More...


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