Law and Order: SVU “Official Story” Review

Wednesday night was not a good night for private military contractors. No sooner did I finish watchingCSI try to take down a security firm, than another, equally corrupt one popped up on Law and Order: SVU. "Official Story" started off with a CEO getting a little Occupy payback, but ended with the NYPD taking down an entire company that thought they were above the law.

It’s not an unfamiliar story, which I think is what made it so compelling. A female employee in Iraq is gang-raped and the cover-up is so deep and so intense that it prompts her father to commit a crime just to bring it to someone’s attention. There was no way we weren’t going to be on the victim’s side.

It was also entirely possible that they might have gotten away with the crime, so it was utterly satisfying that SVU decided to take the super-happy ending route, rather than the more realistic road where the rich CEO and his flunkies get off scot-free. Read More... 


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