Person of Interest “Legacy” Review

Well, this is the big episode, right? The episode where we finally see how they’re working Taraji P. Henson’s character into the mix! My biggest complaint about Person of Interest from the get-go is that Detective Carter seemed too much on the periphery, but now "Legacy" is attempting to change that. Will she work easily into the fold, or will she want to learn too much?

An interesting wrinkle in Carter’s story that I didn’t anticipate was how all of this would affect Fusco. It was funny seeing Fusco peer over at Carter’s desk all accusatory, just like Carter used to do to him. I’m not sure why Reese is choosing to keep them both in the dark, but I’m sure he has his reasons.

The other little piece of character development we got this week was between Finch and his old partner’s son. It was nice to see the more nurturing and sympathetic side of Finch, since we usually see him so analytical and calculating. However, it was a nice surprise to see that his old partner’s son has been snooping around the files and has noticed some "Inconsistencies". Can’t wait to see where this goes! Read More... 


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