The Big Bang Theory “The Recombination Hypothesis” Review

If you’ve been missing Penny and Leonard as a couple, "The Recombination Hypothesis," this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory was what you’ve been waiting for. Well…at least it seemed like it might have been. If it hadn’t mostly been in Leonard’s head.

After seeing Penny in her apartment with the girls, Leonard proceeds to have one of the most vivid flash-forwards since…um…the show Flash-forward. Even in his mind his relationship with Penny is dysfunctional. Yet it somehow still works. I’ve missed this element in the show. The geek getting the girl of his dreams; it’s a modern day fairytale.

Even after acknowledging that he and Penny have issues, Leonard was still willing to give it a shot once Sheldon shook him out of his thoughts. It’s painfully obvious that he’s never gotten over her and that Priya was purely ornamental.

It was great to see the guys playing one of my favorite games, Settlers of Cataan. Perhaps the woodjokes went on a little long, but I enjoy a touch of low-brow humor every now and then. Jim Parsons played it so perfectly that you couldn’t help but snicker along with the boys. Read More... 


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