The Office “Pool Party” Review

"Pool Party" was definitely one of the weirder episodes of The Office this season. Don’t get me wrong, I laughed at a lot of the gags tonight, but as I reflect on the episode, I’m having a hard time piecing together a substantial plot.

The cold open was a riff on Jim’s standard Dwight pranks. Jim admitted that he needed an audience for his pranks to really feel successful. I’m a sucker for dogs in costumes, so I had a hearty chuckle when Doggy-Dwight was sitting in that chair, but Stanley doesn’t seem to share my sense of humor. Jim discovered that only the meatball pranks got Stanley laughing, so his pranks became meatball centered.

The twist of it was that Dwight and Stanley were in cahoots to get bags of free meatballs from Jim. In their minds, the joke was on Jim, but I don’t know if I’d agree. I don’t think I’d want to eat meatballs that were piled up in my desk drawers among eraser dust and stray pencil shavings.

As the episode continued, Robert California admitted to the office that his beloved mansion was to be sold and divided as part of the terms of his divorce. This inspired Kevin to convince Robert to have an impromptu pool party at his mansion as a last hurrah. In his own weird way, Robert embraced the idea and the entire office was invited to bring their bathing suits over for a pool party. Read More... 


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