Southland: "Wednesday" 4.01 Review

Giving reality shows a run for the money, SouthLAnd returned tonight with a season 4 premiere, "Wednesday" that is as raw and gritty as you will get on a show about cops. If you watched through the first three seasons, you've become accustomed to the realism with which the show is produced and the characters portrayed. They hold nothing back and the stories are better for it.

SouthLAnd's return brings a reboot of sorts. Ben (Ben McKenzie) dropped the gauntlet on Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) and demanded he get help. Hard to hear from a boot, but it was taken in the right spirit and John Cooper returned a new man. Lydia (Regina King) was dealing with a partner who treated her like gum on the bottom of her shoe, which was only exacerbated when Lydia (unknowingly) started dating said partner's much younger son. Seems the entire family has taken a sabbatical, and any chance to get Lydia out from under the thumb of an oppressive partner and back to the strong detective we knew in earlier seasons is welcome. Read More...


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