Justified 3.01 "The Gunfighter" Review

Justified's second season is a hard act to follow. The sophomore effort of FX's cop drama pushed the show from the realm of good to great. Season 2 was an improvement upon the first season in almost every way, and so the burden falls upon the third season to continue that steady climb. With the loss of Margo Martindale's Mags Bennett, one of the best parts of the second season, that climb grows even steeper. Luckily, if "The Gunfighter" is any indication, we've got nothing to worry about.

"The Gunfighter" is everything we love about Justified. The Ice Pick killer was one of the coldest one-off villains the show has ever seen, especially with his slow, calculated southern drawl. Unfortunately for Ice Pick, he just doesn't know when to stop. In a critical error, he targets Raylan, who is one step ahead of him. That scene is the epitome of what makes Justified fun. The tension of that scene wasn't whether or not Ice Pick would win -- if he did it would mean the end of the show. The tension was on the how instead -- how would Raylan defeat this guy? The payoff -- a clever tug of the tablecloth -- was quite satisfying. In fact, it was one of my favorite scenes in the show so far. Read More...



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