'White Collar' Recap: 'Checkmate' (3.11)

"Checkmate" picks up immediately from the midseason finale, with Mrs. Burke in the hands of now veryfamiliar bad guy Matthew Keller (Ross McCall), who wants to exchange her for the hidden treasure. "You could've walked away," Peter tells Neal angrily, and a recalcitrant Neal admits that "I should be paying for it, not Elizabeth."

Yet when Neal brings Peter to the warehouse where the treasure was, he finds that Mozzie has moved all of it on his own. This means that in order to find Elizabeth, our dynamic duo has to locate Mozzie first - and do so in less than twelve hours.

Neal tells Peter that he chose not to leave New York because he has a life here, and believes that as Mozzie hasn't caught a plane, he must also be having second thoughts. He is able to communicate with Mozzie via (what else?) carrier pigeon and bring him back into the fold. "We've been playing by Keller's rules,"  Peter tells them both. "Let's change the game."

And so the trio enlists the help of two of Mozzie's old contacts, before meeting with Keller to make the exchange. The two 'old friends' just so happen to get arrested as our heroes and Keller sneak out the back. This leads Keller to propose that the four of them steal back the treasure, whether Peter likes it or not. A plan is hastily devised, while Neal hopes that the FBI will find Elizabeth before they actually have to break in to the warehouse where the treasure is. Read More...



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