Recap: 'Glee' - 'Yes/No'

Honestly, "Glee."
Look, you and me need to have a little sitdown. Just the pair of us. No need to bring in anyone else. After all, this episode was nominally about the trials and tribulations of various romantic pairings new and old tonight, even if it ended up being about the powers of synchronized swimming to overcome the fearmongering of ginger fascists. (In that respect, "Yes/No" was pretty much a straight-up rip off of Albert Camus’ "The Stranger.") Regardless, we need to have a chat. You can sit there and listen and nod and keep a running monologue inside your head that sounds like Helen Mirren if you like. I won’t hold it against you.
Here’s the thing: You need to stop.

You need to stop pretending that more is better. Throwing fifteen plots into each show isn’t giving the audience what it wants. Not everyone gets to have a story each episode. Notice how Blaine just occasionally stumbled into a scene to perform backup duties? Totally acceptable. Now expand that tenfold and you might be getting somewhere. If you make the focused moments count, then you can rely on those to expand the audience knowledge of that character and thus used them in the background to augment what’s going on in the foreground. And no, "having them grin like uncontrollable idiots even though they were miserable five minutes before" doesn’t count. Read More...


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