The Game 5.02 Review: A Return to Form... Kinda.

After last week's one hour premiere, The Game returned to its original thirty minute format in last night's episode, which showed signs of the good ol days in terms of characters and storytelling. Despite feeling a wave of nostalgia while watching last night's entry, I still couldn't help scratching my head when it came to certain moments within the episode.

Before I delve into those moments, I want to touch on what did work. First, it was nice to see Hosea Chanchez have fun with Malik again after taking him to a seriously dark place last year. The revelation that his finances are not 'balla status' level anymore will give Malik/Chanchez another storyline to work with given that we have never seen Malik working on a budget. Plus, it was nice to see the writers inject Malik's dark journey into the plot and not push it under the rug as if it never happened. The downside to this situation? Malik going broke would have been the perfect excuse/catalyst for Malik's downward spiral during Season Four. I'm still trying to figure out, or rather remember, what sent Malik into that frenzied state to begin with. For those of you not keeping track, that was issue #1 I had with the episode. Read More...


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