Castle: 4.12 "Dial M For Mayor" Review

How very, very sneaky of The Powers That Be.

For weeks they bombarded us with information about Ryan’s wedding and the upcoming noir episode and had everyone talking about both. They made us – at least it worked on me – forget all about this week’s episode and focus on the other two. The only information we had was that the mayor of New York City, Robert Weldon, who happens to be a close friend of Castle’s, would be implicated in a murder investigation. That was it.

Nothing prepared us for the intense hour that graced our televisions on Monday night. I admit that, having watched the episode twice already, I am still scratching my head at what exactly happened. Somehow, this one case that at first seemed to only put Castle and Beckett at odds – but not as intensely as I thought it would be; more on that in second – suddenly turned into this giant avalanche of vague information about the conspiracy that surrounds Beckett’s mother’s murder and, by the end of the episode, I was staring dumbfounded at my screen wondering just what exactly was set in motion, especially with that last scene. Read More...


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