Glee Recap: Did She Put Up a Fight?

Wow, Glee. This episode. This episode was all over the place. On the one hand, there were some things that I liked:

1. Kurt’s furry hat
2. Sue calling Coach Beiste "Michael Chiklis in a wig" (I’m normally pretty defensive about Beiste, but I’ll throw all my scruples in the garbage for a good Chiklis joke)
3. That one time when Blaine was wearing a cute sweater in the background of the shot while someone else did something boring
4. Santana saying, "The assignment wasn’t ‘Make everything about Rachel Berry and force everyone to watch,’ was it?" because seriously, why did Rachel sing half the songs in this episode when she was involved in ZERO of the story lines?
5. Artie’s inflatable aquatic wheelchair

The rest of the episode, in fine third-season-Glee style, managed to be simultaneously boring and offensive. Side note: Did anyone else get the impression from the commercials that this was to be an entirely Grease-themed episode of Glee? Not that I was overwhelmed with excitement about that (I’ve been to karaoke — I don’t need to hear "Summer Nights" ever again ever ever ever again ever), but I do think that Glee benefits hugely from structure. Instead, this episode was an unstructured mess — an exhausting tangle of one million unrelated story lines, peppered with insensitive dialogue and awkward, anticlimactic emotional reveals. Neat! Read More...


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