'The Vampire Diaries' Michael Trevino: How far will Tyler go for Caroline?


On last week's episode of "The Vampire Diaries," Tyler (Michael Trevino) finally dropped the L-bomb with Caroline (Candice Accola)... and then delivered a fatal bite to her neck because a psychotic serial murderer told him to do it. Teenage girls of America: That is so not love. Make a note.Luckily, we sat down with our favorite werewolf-turned-werevamp for a mini-press conference at The CW's headquarters this morning, and it sounds like Tyler will be doing everything possible to make amends. The theme of overcoming mind-control has come up throughout the season, and Tyler will go to extremes to break his bond to Klaus. His first stop? He's going to call up Bill Forbes (Jack Coleman), Caroline's dad.Bill put Caroline through hell early in the season when he tried to cure her of her bloodlust via torture, and he's going to use similar methods with Tyler in Thursday night's harrowing episode. Plus, given the fact that...



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