'American Idol': Amy Brumfield goes from the tent to Hollywood

"American Idol" found a rather interesting girl in Amy Brumfield, whom Jennifer Lopez dubbed a "hipsy" (a hippie and a gypsy). She is out of work and her husband works odd jobs and because they can't really afford anything, they live in a tent in the woods. For real. It doesn't seem like a necessarily sad story, though - she's kind of a gypsy girl and prefers to be happy and out in the woods rather than miserable and indoors.For her audition, she does Alicia Keys' "Superwoman" and it's startlingly soulful. We should've assumed that a Tennessee woods gypsy would be soulful, but still. Lovely.The judges also love it. Steven Tyler says, "The spirits and the children of the woods snuck into you." What did you think, "Idol" fans? Were you a fan of Amy Brumfield?...



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