Recap: 'Top Chef' - 'Fit for an Evil Queen'

"Top Chef" 

There's no rest for the wicked, as the chefs must pack up and head back to San Antonio for their next challenge. But for this one, they'll want to be at least a little wicked, as that's pretty much the theme. I suspect that means Lindsay and Sarah will do exceptionally well, because these girls cannot stop being catty little monsters to poor Beverly. 

While Sarah and Lindsay try to ice out Beverly on the long drive back to San Antonio, in another car Chris J. is ranting and raving. He's pissed that he's the only guy who hasn't won a challenge. I'm just amazed he's still on the show, honestly, as each week he seems to get smacked down for doing something mildly gross and/or unappetizing. I'm not sure why the judges keep him around, unless they like that stupid topknot on his head. 

Beverly, who is probably relishing the silence in her car, thinks the other girls have sour grapes about her winning the last challenge. And she's right!  Read More...


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