Harry's Law Review: Depravation

What did a 21 year-old dying and in need of a kidney have to do with twin widowers accused of killing their husband? Leave it to Harry's Law to make the social issue connection in this week's episode, "New Kidney on the Block."

A lot of words got thrown around on tonight's episode: "moral," "coercion," and, my personal favorite, "depraved."

If there's one thing Hoseanna Roseanna Remick excels at it's making other people appear less than human. She couldn't stop using the word to describe the admittedly unorthodox relationship that Nicole and Laila Wayland shared with their older husband.

Surprisingly, it was a term the judge was all but used to describe the desperate but life and death situation facing Jimmy, who faced only six more months on this earth absent a transplant. I was heartbroken for both Jimmy and his potential donor. Read More...



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