Modern Family Review: Dropping the F-Bomb

Despite the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's opinion, this season of Modern Family hasn't exactly been award winning in my eyes. That is, until "Little Bo Bleep" had me doubled over in stitches.

Holy bleep Modern Family is back! There was a lot of controversy buzzing throughout the interwebs about the fact that there would be a cursing toddler on tonight's episode. After viewing, I find myself supporting the writers decision here.

For those of you who have young kids, siblings, nieces or nephews, there is this one basic fact we all know: KIDS REPEAT THINGS. With five nieces/nephews under the age of 3 in my family right now, I've learned the hard way just how much I need to censor my potty mouth! 

Modern Family has always prided itself on being realistic and representing true-to-life situations. So why should they gloss over something as basic and common as the fact that little kids sometimes mimic bad words they hear their parents say. And just like Cam did, sometimes people laugh! If people are being that uptight one little curse word, then sorry but you're watching the wrong show. Read More...


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