'Modern Family': Lily Drops The F-Bomb

It's something all parents can remember -- or will experience if not there yet. That awkward moment when their child first discovers profanity. Unfortunately, their usage by a toddler tends to get quite a response from any adults present, which tends to make them new favorites for the little ones. On this week's "Modern Family" (Wed., 9 p.m. EST on ABC), Cam proved incapable of holding in his laughter after Lily drops the f-bomb. But some advocacy groups weren't laughing, calling for ABC to pull the plug before the episode even aired.

Cam's laughter was rather the wrong response, as HuffPost Parent's Parent Coach advises, as both Cam and Mitchell knew, Unfortunately, Cam simply couldn't help himself, which convinced Lily this was a good word to use, as it so clearly delighted her Daddy. Read More...



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