'Modern Family' recap: Bottomless Pits Of Need

Truck, duck, luck, f---. Our baby Lily is really growing up. With loquacious parents like Cam and Mitchell, the girl was bound to pick up a few choice words from their extensive vocabularies. Yet sadly for Dad and Dad, she has not quite committed legal jargon or Meryl Streep monologues to memory. The learned behavior of humans and the pets they love drew a series of steady laughs in last night's episode. (I, too, get the giggles from cursing children. And public access television.) But there were also the habits Claire's had her whole life that her family suddenly wanted her to change, in fear that they would embarrass her forever. Only until then? Honk, sarcasm! Let's get to the good stuff.

To maintain continuity and please Arrested Development fans, we revisited Claire's bid for City Council, which had the entire family readying for their own personal version of D-Day (Debate Day). Claire was stressed as she prepared to go against the incumbent Duane Bailey (David Cross), no thanks to unfavorable findings in The Weekly Saver's totally unscientific voters poll. To help prove those 22,000 and readers and potential clients of Phil's wrong, the Dunphy clan held a mock debate at their modest compound. There may have been hair brushes and loofahs for sound equipment, but the ruthless audience set to point out her every little flaw was much worse than anything at City Hall. Shouts to Luke and Phil for making sure she'd be prepared for a cacophony of heckling methods: boos, helicopters, microphone feedback, and theOperation buzzer. Haters come in all shapes and sizes. Read More...



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