'Top Chef' Recap: Wicked!

'Top Chef' Recap: Wicked!

First order of business this week: Tom Coliccio announces that the cheftestants are shipped back to San Antonio. In the product-placed cars, the girls are nursing some weird resentment towards Beverly because she was last week's winner of the best dish. 

And for some reason, her cooking skills are called into question and her personality is viewed with suspicion. Or as Grayson calls it: "That girl is a bulldog. She might be tiny, but she crazyyy!" 

Don't Let It Pass You By ... 

The quick challenge is a good one: the cheftestants have 30 minutes to create a "sophisticated dish." The catch? They have to choose three key ingredients that pass them by on a conveyer belt. At first, lollipops and bitter melons come out but the longer they wait, the better the ingredients might become, which, in turn, shortens their cooking time.  Read More...



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