Criminal Minds 7.11 "True Genius" Review

"Do you ever wonder if you lived up to expectations?"

Criminal Minds starts the New Year with an episode that featured a new twist on an infamous case and a main character going through an existential crisis thanks to a milestone birthday. There were parallels between both storylines that explored what happens when a child prodigy grows up and doesn't feel as extraordinary as an adult.

The infamous case that is being emulated is the notorious Zodiac killings that originally occurred in the San Francisco area between 1968 and 1969, with the killer corresponding with the police and press until 1974 (head here for more information). The Zodiac killings are one of America's most chronicled unsolved crimes and the writers used this to momentarily suggest that the Zodiac killer had actually returned. It is not surprising to see that the real Zodiac was not the perpetrator of these new murders, but it is in fact the work of someone new. The surprise turned out not to be why the new killer was recreating the Zodiac crimes, but what had occurred between the two former chess prodigies when they were teenagers. Read More...


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