The Good, The Bad, (The Meh,) and the Ugly- American Idol 11.1 Recap

The Good, The Bad, (The Meh,) and the Ugly

American Idol is back! Just to remind us that it's the original singing competition, they name check all ten winners at the beginning. The cynic in me says that this is the only time that Idol will acknowledge some of them, but one can hope. Instead of going chronologically, I'm going to organize my thoughts into separate categories.

The Good:

I like the balance of good/bad auditions, I hope that remains a theme throughout the season. There was a nice mix of both men and women, and while it seemed the auditioners skewed young, maybe my age is starting to show.

I especially liked Gabi Carrub, who sang Sunday Morning without any pretension, Schyler Dixon (Colton's little sister, in case you forgot,) Ashlee Altise, who was almost borderline funny audition, and Philip Phillips. Read More...


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