Private Practice “Losing Battle” Review

"Losing Battles" was like a traumatic Private Practice flashback. Scenes were redone, story lines were dredged up, and everything was overall disturbing.

First you have the patient of the night, Violet’s battered woman. Remember, before Pete and Violet split up, or Cooper found his kid, or Addison and Sam split up, or Amelia lapsed then got sober, and a million other stories lines of greater importance happened? Well at any rate she remembers Violet, because with a severe head wound she manages to track down Violet’s practice and shows up in their elevator, which she apparently thinks is for patients, not hot doctor hook-ups.

Then there’s Masons mom. Mason’s mom dying is a plot device to give Cooper sole custody so the audience can enjoy more time with an adorable elementary schooler reading classic literature instead of time spent watching aging doctors who should all have their licences yanked on emotional immaturity alone. It’s insulting to our intelligence to try to deny the device by suggesting there might be, possibly hope for Cooper’s baby mama. There isn’t. Making Amelia finger her dead boyfriend’s watch isn’t changing anything. Read More... 


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