The Vampire Diaries “The Ties That Bind” Review

In ‘The Ties That Bind’, The Vampire Diaries introduces us to Bonnie’s mother, Abby, and her pseudo-brother, Jamie, and sees the return of Elijah. A summary is surprisingly simple this week: Bonnie dreams that her mother can help open the mysterious locked coffin and goes to find her, Klaus gets there first and uses threats to reveal the location of three of the coffins, Damon hides the locked coffin, Tyler asks Caroline’s dad to help de-sire him and ends up transforming for most of the episode, Alaric’s doctor love interest uses vampire blood to heal her patients, and Stefan goes all emo. Okay, so maybe it’s not quite that simple, but almost.

I’m just going to out and say it – I didn’t like this episode. There wasn’t anything fundamentally wrong with it, it just bored me silly. Somewhere between Tyler turning-but-not-quite and Elena being Elena I kind of wanted to just give up and channel hop instead.

I’m not sure how to explain what I disliked about the episode. Overall it was fairly solid, but there wassomething in the writing that just wasn’t up to par. Take Dr Fell for example. She noticed Alaric getting up and walking out of the hospital after being near-death — and yet no one else in the hospital notices when Fell’s patients do the very same thing after she’s juiced them up with vampire blood? We’ve already seen how quickly vampire blood can work. There wouldn’t be a whole lot of difference in the recovery times, I bet. (I’m assuming that there will be some ‘oh no, I accidentally made vampires’ storyline coming up because surely, despite her best intentions, some of those critically ill patients end up dying anyway?) Read More... 


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