The Finder “Bullets” Review

Bones fans were treated to a guest appearance by Dr. Lance Sweets in "Bullets," the second episode ofThe Finder. As an FBI psychologist, he was asked (by the network) to go to Florida and evaluate Walter (remind viewers that it’s a spin-off show).

Because I love Sweets, I actually wouldn’t have minded this except for the fact that he wasn’t just evaluating Walter to make sure he was competent enough to lend his unique skill to FBI investigations. He claimed that he was there to make that determination for every government organization, including the US Marshalls, which would have made Deputy Isabel very sad, not to mention putting a damper in her and Walter’s sex life. I have a feeling agencies, be they the CIA or the local PD, would rather conduct their own evaluations than have the FBI tell them who they can or cannot consult with.

This week’s object was a bullet from the 80?s that, if found, would prove that AD Skinner (as he will always be known to me) was innocent of a cop killing and shouldn’t have been about to die in Florida’s electric chair. Add in the fact that the swampy crime scene had been turned into a storage center and Walter’s task seemed impossible. Read More... 


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