The Secret Circle “Witness” Review

In this week’s The Secret Circle, Cassie bears ‘Witness’ (see what I did there?) to the ferry fire which supposedly killed the previous circle fifteen years ago. A very young Jake had followed his parents and saw the events immediately preceding the fire, as well as the start of the fire itself, and by channelling hismemories Cassie is able to view them as if she were there at the time.

We learn that the previous circle had gone to the ferry in hopes of calling a truce with the witch hunters who wanted them dead. The hunters killed the witches who wanted the truce and left the others alive. Then they tied up John Blackwell, surrounded him with iron filings, and tried to burn him to death. But Blackwell – with the help of a pendant – resisted the flames and left the witch hunters to burn.

There were a couple of notable points in the tale, too. Jake’s mother mentions to his father that Amelia didn’t trust John after he betrayed her, which presumably means we can rule out Jake as Cassie’s half-brother completely. The witch hunters only killed those inside the ferry, not the ones up on deck — i.e. Dawn and Charles. And it looks as though Adam’s father, Ethan, may have been working alongside the witch hunters. Read More... 


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