30 Rock “Idiots Are People Two!” Review

When a 30 Rock episode begins with Kenneth asking what could possibly go wrong it is a sure sign of shenanigans and craziness to come. This week, the writers decided to bring closure to the very publiccontroversy last Spring over Tracy Morgan’s homophobic rant/stand-up routine. The entire premise further cemented my belief that Tracy Morgan is simply playing himself on television.

Tracy Morgan Jordan’s loud, insensitive mouth gets him in trouble with the gay community and he turns to Liz to help him escape the mounting controversy. The writers tackled the real life issue with a bit of parody and some soft peddling. Morgan’s actual comments were much worse than those made by his 30 Rock alter ego. And I quote, "If you want to look at a penis, take off your pants." With that, I knew that although 30 Rock was taking the gutsy step of confronting the Morgan incident, it was pretty clear that this would be more humor than didactic after school special. Read More...



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