Chuck “Chuck Versus The Bullet Train” Review

Next week all five seasons of Chuck come to a conclusion. I’ve been watching the show fairly consistently since the beginning. It’s annoying, then, that the penultimate episode was so mediocre. Disappointing, even. Knowing that this was going to be the final season, I’d hoped the writers were going to really go for it: before, they’ve always been pulled back by NBC’s schizophrenic renewals and thusChuck can sometimes feel like a botched job around the midway point, but they’ve always come through in the end.

Let’s get the subplot out of the way. Alex has been a problem from the beginning. She’s there to serve as "Morgan’s woman" – literally a quote from the episode. Perhaps the writers knew she was the most poorly handled of all the character when they had Sarah forget her entirely. She’s not defined by any personality and despite being a daughter of Casey, she was a weak willed character used as a MacGuffin: this week Morgan wants to save her, this week he wants to impress her, now he has to win her back, blah blah blah. She’s never had any agency of her own, existing purely as the plot dictates. So the fact that they just didn’t kill her off in this episode, and instead used her to create a comedic scenario wherein Jeff and Lester save Awesome, Morgan and Alex was just so lame. Especially since Adam Baldwin has been consistently amazing throughout the show’s run, and can make an episode with a simple grunt. Not giving him any emotional material to play with as Chuck draws to a close, instead relegating him to phone duty, seems like a huge waste of a great oppurtunity. Read More... 


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