The Middle 3.13 "Hecking It Up" Recap

It's the most exciting thing to happen to the Hecks in a while: the Super Bowl is coming to The Middle. Oddly, Frankie is the only excited one. They can't get tickets to the game, and Mike is upset that the Colts aren't playing, but Frankie is going to get up close to the event by volunteering.

In last week's episode of The Middle, Sue got her first "real" boyfriend, Matt. Opposites must attract, because this guy rarely has a smile and speaks in a completely serious tone. He's been at the Heck's a lot, and although he's as small as Brick, he eats as much as Axl. Matt thanks Frankie and Mike for giving birth to Sue, and says he's honored to share their daughter and their pizza.

Sue, although she can't take the test for a few more months, has started to study the driver's ed manual. Matt thought it would be a good idea for her to prepare in advance and taught her his IPDE strategy: identify, predict, decide, execute. Matt likes a plan.

As a Super Bowl volunteer, Frankie had to make a blue and white scarf, and of course, hers looks awful. When she goes to get her assignment, everyone else is wearing beautiful scarves. The scarf probably has nothing to do with her volunteer assignment: manage one of the distant parking lots nowhere near the game. She can't understand why they aren't putting the charming people where they can see them. Her neighbor, Nancy Donahue, drops off a bunch of nice scarves at the volunteer center and tells Frankie that as a bonus, her husband's boss gave them tickets to the game and is putting them up in a hotel for a week. Frankie officially hates the Super Bowl. Read More...


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