Fringe: J.J. Abrams Wants to Direct an Episode in Season 5

J.J. Abrams operates in a way that's similar to the deists' perception of God. He simply creates something, winds up the spring, and lets it go how it will. Sometimes, as with Undercovers, the clockwork is wound too tight and it breaks. But Abrams has a tendency, as he did with LOST, to wind things up just right, and then step away. He did the same thing with FOX's Fringe, one of the most creatively brilliant shows on television right now.

In a video released by FOX on Thursday, Abrams chats with Fringe marketing special ops Ari Margolis about why exactly he loves the show that he helped to create, pointing out how the show is a wonderful mix of the scary and the heartfelt, pointing to Walter Bishop (John Noble) as a prime example. Read More...


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