The Vampire Diaries Promo: Klaus Has a Lot of Problems in Episode 3.13

The Vampire Diaries managed to connect past to present in this week's new episode.  After dreaming about her mother - who has been absent for about 15 years - in connection with the locked coffin, Bonnie and Elena headed out to find her mother, hoping she was the key to unlocking the coffin.  When Bonnie met her mother again, Abby revealed that she was the one who had trapped Mikael 15 years ago when he came to town looking for the doppelganger (Elena).  But doing that spell drained her of her powers, which never returned.

Unfortunately, one of Klaus' hybrids convinced Abby to try and get the location of the coffins out of Bonnie.  Damon is deeply suspicious of Meredith, who drugged Damon and stole some of his blood.  And Caroline's father returned to Mystic Falls to help Tyler break Klaus' sire curse over him.  In the end, Klaus was able to retrieve three of the coffins, although Damon was able to hide away the locked one AND wake up Elijah! Read More...


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