'American Idol': Hallie Day recovers from suicide attempt to turn her life around

Hallie Day and her story of overcoming addiction and a suicide attempt was saved for the last audition on Thursday's (Jan. 19) "American Idol." We think it's great that she was able to turn her life around and we thought she had a nice voice.However. We didn't love her choice of "I Will Survive." When Steven Tyler actually asked for something else, we agreed with him, but she didn't have to sing anything else because everybody acted like Steven was being crazy. It just seemed a little forced to us.J.Lo and Randy were all, "Really?" and "You haven't made up your mind that she's amazing?!" He covered by saying he likes watching her when she sings, but we kind of agreed with him. But she's good and deserved to go through.What did you think?...



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