'Grey's Anatomy' recap: 10,000 Surgeries, 10,000 Tears

Despite the dramatic title of last night's new episode of Grey's Anatomy, "Hope for the Hopeless" -- and the fact that the hour was book-ended by rather tragic circumstances -- it wasn't a totally depressing hour. Largely, yes. But the episode was more of a dichotomy, split between sadness and happiness, despair and celebration, surgeries and tears. In so many ways, it was a rather typical, manic, fast-moving installment of Grey's Anatomy.

On the sad end of things, we watched as Derek and Lexie couldn't fix a little boy with a brain tumor; as Adele's memory problems worsened; and as Owen and Cristina's union headed for the crapper. But there were happy moments, too: Meredith Grey chose a specialty in general surgery (finally!) and threw a festive birthday party for her daughter Zola; and ex-Chief Webber celebrated the insane milestone of his 10,000th surgery. Webber has clearly been working for decades now, but that number is -- in a word -- jaw-dropping. Read More...



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