30 Rock Review: I'm In Chinatown Baby

"Idiots Are People Two" was another funny installment of 30 Rock's sixth season, but it failed to work as well as the premiere thanks to a retread of the same old Liz's weird boyfriend story line, and the confusing appearance of Kelsey Grammer.

Honestly, haven't we seen this a thousand times on 30 Rock?  Liz has a boyfriend who has a bunch of strange quirks, and eventually she figures it out and drops him.  Sure The Floydster and Carol Burnett were close to normal, but those are the exceptions to the rule.

Watching Liz nitpick over her significant other's blatantly weird behavior has never really been that funny, so watching her imagine Jack's doing the same thing was less than funny and just weird.  I know complaining about weird on 30 Rock is unheard of, but this just didn't seem to fit. Read More...



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