Up All Night Review: Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can Lose

The Up All Night crew may have been still nursing that post New Year's Eve hangover because this week's episode, "Rivals" did not deliver the grudge match the title seemingly promised. I had expected Megan Mullally to be a tremendous guest star but the former Will and Grace stallwart failed to shine as bright as her "rival" Maya Rudolph. 

For the most part Shayna was a good role for Mullally, it's just that in my eyes she will always be Karen Walker and when she delivered her lines with that Southern drawl I found myself wanting to instead hear the more familiar high pitched shrill that helped her become such a break out actress. I'm hoping with more appearances I will come to not be so distracted and appreciate what I'm sure will be tremendous performaces. It is no doubt a good problem for actors to have, to be so known for a famous role, but actresses like Nurse Jackie's Edie Falco have succeeded in endearing themselves to fans in new roles and I have no doubt Mullally can do the same.  Read More...



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