The Big Bang Theory Review: Penny and Leonard 2.0

"The Recombination Hypothesis" was the 100th episode of The Big Bang Theory, so I was initially surprised that the focus was on Leonard and Penny's relationship. But, actually it makes a lot of sense. When the show first premiered, it was a comedy about a nerd who had a thing for his hot neighbor. I'm not sure that there was a better way to honor its history than to go back to that relationship.

Where you surprised by the "day dream?" Unfortunately, I saw on twitter that there was a "fantasy" aspect to the episode just as I was starting to watch it. I'll never know if I would have been fooled or not. But, I think I would have been ... even with that long, transitional glance across the hall between Leonard and Penny.

The telling of the story through Leonard's eyes worked for me. Do Leonard and Penny have a shipper name? I'm not sure, but I'm on that team. I know plenty of you out there hated when they were dating, but I enjoyed it. And, now that Howard and Sheldon have paired up, I want Peonard or Lenny! Read More...


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