Parks and Recreation Recap: Going Negative

Well, someone had to run against Leslie Knope in her bid for City Council, and tonight, we meet that someone: Bobby Newport, son of the man who runs the local candy factory; a guy who feels like he’s made of candy himself. Played pitch-perfectly by Paul Rudd, Newport is like a friendly dog crossed with Will Ferrell’s version of George W. Bush — good-natured, rich, kinda dumb, and entitled as hell.

At an event where Bobby Newport is giving out "Bobby bars" and greeting the public with all the dumb enthusiasm available, Leslie goes to meet her opponent and finds that he doesn’t even realize anyone’s running against him. (Rudd’s double take to his bodyguard, who never even acknowledges him, is genius.) How will Leslie compete against a guy so clueless? Ben’s idea, and his first real act as campaign manager, is to suggest running an attack ad. Leslie doesn’t seem pleased. Read More...


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