30 Rock Recap: Boycott

Speaking purely from a PR standpoint, 30 Rock didn’t have to acknowledge the controversy over Tracy Morgan’s homophobic stand-up routine this past spring. It happened over six months ago. Morgan apologized. And Tina Fey issued a statement chastising him, therefore retaining her credibility as a supporter of gay rights. Crisis averted. But 30 Rock has never been reluctant to examine its own issues on national television, and so last night’s episode was a parody of the events of last June. As a public act of collective soul-searching, it felt a little half-assed, but it did work as comedy. After last season’s feminism episode, it seems clear that the writers are more interested in telling a funny story than in answering intractable questions about the politics of humor. It would be heroic if they could do both, but since they have to choose, telling a funny story is probably the way to go. Read More...



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