Up All Night Recap: Sleepy Eyes, Full Hearts

At some point in the distant future, when we’ve flooded the entire globe and wear our iPhones like shirts (March 2013), Megan Mullally will have worn out her welcome as a guest star on every single funny TV show. But that time is a really long time from now (March 2013), and therefore her appearance in "Rivals" is a welcome source of chaos for the show — even if she does remind me of a weaker version of Tammy 2 from Parks and Recreation. She’s just really good at playing people who are really nice to your face while secretly scheming against you.

On Up All Night, she’s Shayna, a former correspondent of sorts from Ava’s show who, with the help of Ava and Reagan, turned her entire life around. Three years ago, she was morbidly obese and completely depressed; with the help of the show, she trimmed down and developed a magnetic personality, plus effortless rapport with Ava, especially during the cooking segments. Then when her contract was up for renewal, she ditched Ava for the cozy confines of her own show, which was fine until all of Ava’s show ideas started mysteriously showing up on Shayna’s show, conspicuously close to the day Ava was going to do them. Ava decides to launch a martial arts segment? Shayna’s breaking blocks with her hands. Ava’s all decked out for salsa dancing? Shayna already has a rose between her teeth. Read More...



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