Shameless “I’ll Light A Candle For You Every Day” Review

Sometimes things take a while to click. I didn’t like Caroline on The Vampire Diaries until season 2, and there’re a bunch of other characters it took a while for me to warm up to. I’ve mentioned several times that Frank is the least interesting character on Shameless to me.

This was the episode when the writers and Macey finally won me over. It’s not because he did something good. Frank did something worse than anything he’s done before – yes, even worse than Karen, and that was as low, I thought, a human being could go. This week he persuaded Dottie to marry him. Or he almost managed it. The proposal scene was brilliant. It was sweet and lovely and dark at the same time. Here was a woman who was so afraid of being forgotten that she’d marry Frank just to keep her memory alive. And here was Frank, a man so repulsive that it’s a credit to William H Macey’s performance that he managed to overcome such abhorrent circumstances to deliver a monologue to a dying woman designed solely to seduce her into marrying him – not because he loves her, but because she has no one and nothing and without him, her life is truly meaningless. That’s fairly pathetic and sad and at the same time kinda, sorta, sickly sweet. Read More... 


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