House of Lies “Microphallus” Review

Despite the misleading episode name, this week’s episode "Microphallus" took a look at the emotional, self-destructive side of Marty Kaan. Given that the first episode started with him passed out naked in bed, starting the third episode with him crying after dreaming of his dead mother was a bit startling. One thing is clear about House of Lies: Our heroes are only capable of visceral reactions to things that happen to them. There is no understatement and no subtlety. The show comes right at you and doesn’t make any apologies about it.

This episode continued in that same vein. Marty’s son can just be a cross-dresser experiencing gender confusion, now he’s a cross-dresser who may be a bisexual. It makes sense, but it also makes me wonder how far are they willing to go with the son angle? I haven’t been given a reason to care about his home life yet, so why would I be interested in if he likes boys or girls? I understand that we are looking at the whole person of Marty Kaan, but his son comes off as a distraction to Marty and the viewer instead of a viable part of the show that’s worth exploring. Read More... 


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