Movie Review: Haywire, or The Vindictive Ex-Girlfriend Project

Steven Soderbergh continues his occasional practice of using actors as found objects in his perfectly enjoyable formula action-thriller Haywire, which could have been titled The Vindictive Ex-Girlfriend Project. The star is the monotonic but arresting Gina Carano, a mixed-martial-arts champion given to single-minded pummelings of her opponents. She plays Mallory, a badass espionage agent who moves out on her smug employer/boyfriend (Ewan McGregor) but accepts a couple of final jobs for old times’ sake. Never a good idea. Most of the film is a flashback relayed to a discombobulated witness (Michael Angarano) — whom she has more or less kidnapped — to her latest brawl, which enables Soderbergh (working from a screenplay by Lem Dobbs) to hop among time periods and continents, as is his peripatetic wont. When he’s not doing his tricky-syntax thing, he’s sitting back and watching his leading lady fight — the point of this particular cinematic exercise. Read More...


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