The Big Bang Theory 5.13 Review 'Live Long and Suck It, Zachary Quinto'

To reach the 100th episode is a huge milestone for any television series. Some celebrate it with flashy stunts such as using lots of guest stars, having a big shocking moment like a death or surprise wedding, and some shows even flip the script entirely on what you think you might know about the plot. Obviously, The Big Bang Theory didn’t off one of their characters last night, but what they did do was celebrate by using a classic television trope: the what-if scenario.

Having a what-if episode has become pretty popular lately as the airwaves prep for the Grey’s Anatomy what-if episode, and Community’s best episode of the year was a series of what-if scenarios all based on who performed one simple act. In this instance, the series decides to put its flagship on again/off again characters back together as Leonard rekindles his relationship with Penny. It all seemed so sudden and spontaneous on Leonard’s behalf to do it, but it led to an interesting scenario with the two characters. Read More...


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