The Secret Circle 1.12 Review: Burned At The Stake

After the bitch-tastic smack down between Faye and Cassie on last week's The Secret Circle, we took a borderline acid trip back in time to the day of the fire that took the lives of Chance Harbor's previous Circle. The sad part about the episode is that things are still fuzzy when it comes to the events of that faithful night, but we did learn two important things: 1) John Blackwell didn't die in the fire as we were originally told and 2) The Witch Hunters were the real true culprits of the blaze that took out some of the current Circle's parents. Again, while the revelations give a big "a-ha!" moment, there are still some time discrepancies when it comes to the ages of the earlier Circle members and the ages of our current generation of witches.

According to Amelia's yearbook and the stories told by most of the parents, the earlier Circle members were all 16 years old themselves when they gave birth to the current crop of witches. However, if Jake was 3 when he saw his parents and others be slaughtered by the Witch Hunters, that means his parents had him at age 13. While Jake's birth is biologically possible, it doesn't seem like something most parents would put up with at that age. So what gives? According to the producers and writers of the show, the ages of the parents and the current Circle members are intentional. Albeit, a bit weird, though. Bottom line, it is distracting. Hopefully it will pay off in the form of an amnesia spell when it comes to that particular plot point. Read More...


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