Chuck 5.11 "Chuck Vs. The Bullet Train" Review

Chuck season 5 speeds along toward the end with its ante penultimate eleventh entry in this week’s "Chuck Vs. The Bullet Train," as a newly Intersect-ed Sarah and Casey look to rescue Chuck from Nicholas Quinn (Angus Macfadyen) aboard a Japanese bullet train.  "Chuck Vs.The Bullet Train" marks the beginning of the end for Chuck, and proves a strong start before next week's two-hour series finale.

Well, that was certainly something, wasn’t it?

As the ante penultimate episode of Chuck, "Chuck Vs. The Bullet Train" had a lot of ground to cover in setting the stage for next week’s two-part finale, something the hour absolutely delivered in terms of scale.  Not only did "Bullet Train" do an excellent job of creating an altogether exciting story for Team Bartowski, but managed to raise stakes in a palpable way.  From the moment the title crawl unfolds along the bullet-trains track like a big-screen Chuck movie we’ll never see, it became apparent that we’d be in for a treat with these final three hours, lovingly crafted to keep us invested in the present while reminding us of years past. Read More...


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