Grimm Review: I See My Father in Every Man I See

Grimm took a walk on the Fringe side tonight with "Of Mouse and Man" airing a serial heavy episode.

It’s a fine line to walk, between serial and procedural, and leaning to one side or the other can be a scary proposition. How much is too much? Will the audience like it? Pushing the story ahead too quickly could alienate them. Not pushing it enough results in an audience that can grow disinterested.

There’s a lot to worry about, and yet I had none. "Mouse and Man" is a fantastic episode.

Yes, there were still procedural elements to be found, Marty, who was trying to get over years of emotional pain from his finally dead father could never truly escape him. Marty saw anyone who looked down on him as the face of his father. It’s a nice change of pace to, while not actively root for a villain, feel some sympathy and compassion. Read More...


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