Baseball Wives Sneak Peek: I Think I'm Paranoid

Well, well, well.

Looks like the Baseball Wives princess has fallen on some hard times.

Now that my girl Anna Benson has moved off of the "social pariah" rung on the Baseball Wives Ladder of Messiness, another wife has to become the group outcast for order to be restored to the universe. Simple physics, duh. And that wife looks to be Brooke Villone, increasingly paranoid model, super duper ice queen, and all around troublemaker. When she's not valiantly standing up for her right to subtweet the hell out of any and everybody she damn well pleases, Brooke is making enemies left and right. After blasting her friend of 11 years Cheri, it looks as if Jordana is next up on the mean girl's hit list, as Brooke's been running her mouth about Jordana's relationship with her ex. Being that Jordana's obviously not close to being over him, it may have not been the wisest move, as she just poked the sleeping bear that is Anna Benson one too many times. Read More...


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