House “Better Half” Review

House is back, everybody! That’s right, everybody’s famous grumpy diagnostician has dramatically returned in 2012 with "Better Half". So is the episode itself in the better half of installments? Or does it fall into the lower half? Read on to find out!

Now I may not have an encyclopedic knowledge of House episodes, like some fans do, but I can’t remember any other patient in the show’s history that was foreign, un-attractive, and not a celebrity. It was a great choice of casting, and I also loved Melanie Lynskey being cast as the doting wife. I guess most people would know her best for her role on Two and a Half Men, but she was wonderful in The Informant opposite Matt Damon. She’s very believable and enjoyable as the put-upon wife, which is great since the focus of the story was much more on her than her husband. The actual case wasn’t all that interesting, and followed the classic House formula. Patient is sick, gets really sick, gets close to death, miraculous diagnosis found in the 11th hour. Hooray! Read More... 


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